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Asbestos Lawyer Washington, DC

Asbestos Lawyer Washington, DC

If you were exposed to asbestos and have developed an illness because of it, you may want to speak to an asbestos lawyer Washington, DC trusts. Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause grave damage over a period of time. Turning to an experienced lawyer, such as Brown | Gould | Kiely, may help you obtain compensation for all that you have suffered.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral fiber that was once used by many industries. It was valued by many businesses because it is resistant to chemical, heat, and electrical damage. For a period of time, asbestos was extremely common in building insulation materials. However, after discovering the dangers of this mineral fiber, the United States banned asbestos in many products. If asbestos particles are inhaled, they can get into the lungs, cause severe scarring, and make a person severely ill. Your physician and your asbestos lawyer in Washington, DC can talk with you about unsafe asbestos levels and how to test for them.

When did exposure occur, and how?

Asbestos-related diseases often take many years to manifest, and in most circumstances the symptoms do not present for up to 20 years. For this reason, documenting your exposure history is very important. An asbestos lawyer Washington, DC relies upon can work with you to determine your exposure over time.

Common Uses of Asbestos

Historically, asbestos was used extensively in construction of schools, churches and temples, government buildings, and many homes built before 2000. Many individuals in the military and those who assist during natural disaster recovery efforts have often been repeatedly exposed to asbestos.

Common home insulation items where asbestos may be hiding include cement shingles, tiles for floors and roofs, soundproofing applications, adhesives, paints, plastics, and more. Asbestos has also been found in surprising places, such as hand-held hair dryers and hood-style hairdryers used in salons, and, at very low levels, even in certain brands of crayons. It is important to determine where and for how long you were exposed to asbestos and the level of exposure. An asbestos lawyer Washington, DC provides can provide guidance with this.

Workplace Risks

Higher levels of asbestos have higher possibility of risk, If your exposure lasted six or more months in your home or workplace, and you inhaled particles you may be experiencing health issues caused by asbestos. It is a good idea to keep your work history in mind so that your asbestos lawyer Washington, DC can help you determine where you may have received heightened exposure.

What diseases are associated with asbestos exposure?

Individuals who breathe in asbestos particles are in danger of contracting several life-threatening diseases, including mesothelioma. This deadly cancer can affect your lungs, heart, and other organs. No matter when you were exposed to asbestos, an experienced asbestos lawyer in Washington, DC may help you get justice.

How is asbestos poisoning determined?

Asbestos is often overlooked unless a patient approaches a physician after a history of exposure. After hiring an asbestos lawyer Washington, DC trusts, they will want to determine how your condition developed.

  • The first symptoms of asbestos are usually coughing and trouble breathing.
  • Digital clubbing can also appear. Clubbing of the fingers is a deformity that is associated with lung conditions that cause changes to the oxygen levels in the lungs.
  • Individuals may find that they tire easily and are unable to perform normal physical exertion without fatigue and shortness of breath.

Asbestosis is not an easy diagnosis to make, and many tests may be necessary to uncover the disease.

  • Your imaging scans, such as CT scans and x-rays, along with a bronchoscopy or pulmonary exam, are common methods of detecting it.
  • A physician is likely to find evidence of pleural thickening, effusion, and scarring before moving on to the next exam. The pleural space is between the lungs and the chest cavity.
  • If asbestosis is discovered, your physician may continue to investigate and eventually grade your condition.
  • In some cases, asbestos particles will appear in your lungs, but in others, your disease may look like another lung condition.
  • The process of uncovering asbestos poisoning is arduous and expensive. You may be best served by hiring an asbestos lawyer Washington, DC trusts in addition to consulting an experienced physician.

What evidence do you need for a lawsuit?

Medical documentation. In order for an asbestos lawyer Washington, DC counts on to help you recover compensation, you will likely need to provide certain documentation of your injury. Some of the most important pieces of evidence your Washington DC asbestos lawyer may need are medical records, including a pathology report, imaging scans, and biopsy results.
Proof of exposure. In your lawsuit, you may also have to provide proof that you were actually exposed to asbestos. For example, you may need to provide records proving that you worked in a company where you were exposed to asbestos. An asbestos lawyer Washington, DC respects may also want to obtain testimonies from your co-workers. These statements may help to describe what your work conditions were like and if there were any asbestos-related products at the job site.

Hiring an Asbestos Lawyer

Even if you were exposed to asbestos many years ago, you should consider making an appointment to see a reputable asbestos lawyer Washington, DC relies on. For this type of lawsuit, the statute of limitations does not begin until a physician officially diagnoses an individual with an asbestos-related disease, unlike many other types of personal injury claims. From the time you are diagnosed, you have three years to file a claim.

At Brown | Gould | Kiely, we know that asbestos exposure can have devastating impacts on not just the victim but also their families and communities. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with an illness related to asbestos exposure, our team may be able to win a fair settlement for your pain and suffering.

Our Washington, DC asbestos lawyer at Brown | Gould | Kiely has substantial experience handling asbestos claims, and knows that each case is unique, much like our clients. Even if you were exposed to asbestos decades ago, our team may be able to find evidence that helps prove your case. A financial settlement may help you and your family cope with the traumatic effects of asbestos-related illnesses.

If you are looking for a skilled asbestos lawyer Washington, DC offers, contact Brown | Gould | Kiely at (410) 625-9330.