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Baltimore Asbestos & Mesothelioma Information

Baltimore Asbestos & Mesothelioma Information

Baltimore has a higher death rate from asbestos exposure than anywhere in the rest of Maryland due to Baltimore’s many asbestos exposure sites. Power plants and shipyards are numerous in the Baltimore area, and both are known for their extensive use of asbestos for insulation and other purposes. Power plants depend upon asbestos because it is non-conductive and fire resistant. Shipbuilding used uses asbestos for insulation in walls and to wrap pipes and wires.

Construction is a major industry in Baltimore, and restoration and demolition of older buildings is a common construction project here. Buildings that are deteriorating may be releasing asbestos into the air, and buildings under renovation may be releasing fibers at a much more dangerous rate. Asbestos was also used in floor and ceiling tiles, counter tops, the adhesive for counters, floors and carpets, wallboard, heater and air duct insulation, concrete sewer pipes, and so much more.

Sites where asbestos was used in significant quantities may still be contaminated. They include shipyards, chemical plants, sugar plants, steel mills, processing plants and many others manufacturing plants. People who worked in or lived near these buildings have been exposed and should be aware of the risks and any health changes that might indicate the presence of asbestos disease.

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