Mesothelioma Lawyer

Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney

Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney

An experienced Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney from Brown | Kiely has represented many clients who unknowingly spent decades exposed to asbestos. In some of these cases, manufacturers of the asbestos product hid those dangers from workers. Many of those workers — and their families — are now suffering and dying from mesothelioma, a malignant form of cancer that attacks the abdomen, heart, and lungs of victims.

A seasoned Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney knows it is documented that the asbestos industry was well aware of the dangers of the mineral, yet hid those dangers from the public for decades. Tragically, by the time the truth was finally revealed, the damage to those exposed to asbestos was already done. Despite these known dangers, asbestos continued to put people in danger every day. Studies have revealed that many of the 2,500 people who die each year from asbestos-related diseases were born after the government began to strictly regulate the product during the 1970s.

Where Can Asbestos Be Found Today?

A knowledgeable mesothelioma attorney in Baltimore, MD has learned that it is not just certain industry workers who are at risk of asbestos exposure; anyone could be at risk due to products that are in our homes. Many older buildings, schools, and homes may have materials that contain asbestos.

Even everyday products, such as certain types of ironing board covers, may contain asbestos. Products that could still contain asbestos include:

  • Materials used in construction of homes and buildings, such as cement, corrugated sheets, floor tiles, and roof tiles
  • Part in vehicles, such as brake pads, clutches, and gaskets
  • Many consumer product materials, such as adhesives, paints, and plastics

<What Are the Dangers?

Inhaling or ingesting asbestos can cause fatal health conditions, including mesothelioma and asbestosis. A skilled Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney has likely represented many clients who have developed these diseases because of their exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, mesothelioma is an incurable cancer and it’s estimated that around 40 percent of victims die within one year of being diagnosed.

An asbestos-related disease is not only tragic for a victim and their loved ones, but the medical expenses and loss of income can be financially devastating for a whole family. A Baltimore mesothelioma attorney can assist victims in obtaining compensation for those damages against those deemed responsible for the victim’s exposure to the asbestos.

Let a Baltimore, MD Mesothelioma Lawyer Fight for You

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may need a skilled Baltimore mesothelioma lawyer representing you to obtain the damages you are entitled to. The law office of Brown | Kiely has successfully represented many mesothelioma victims and their families in obtaining large settlements against asbestos manufacturers, distributors, and installers. Our attorneys use their considerable experience and resources to aggressively advocate for each of our clients.

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer, contact a Baltimore, MD mesothelioma attorney for a free case evaluation at (410) 625-9330