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Can Mesothelioma Recurrence Be Prevented with Betadine?

Can Mesothelioma Recurrence Be Prevented with Betadine?

Italian researchers are currently exploring the effectiveness of using Betadine – a popular antiseptic – as an alternative to chemotherapy after mesothelioma surgery, in order to more effectively prevent the cancer from recurring. Early laboratory work performed at the Second University of Naples shows that Betadine can suppress and destroy mesothelioma tumor cells, and can therefore be used for pleural irrigation, which is normally accomplished via chemotherapy.

A study is scheduled to begin soon with surgical patients to determine the clinical benefits of Betadine as part of multimodal mesothelioma treatment. If in vitro results are corroborated by clinical results, Betadine may be very useful for treatment in mesothelioma centers where intrapleural chemotherapy is not available. Another benefit of Betadine over chemotherapy is its low toxicity.

Betadine is the brand name of povidone-iodine (PVP-I), a chemical that has been used as a surgical scrub for both surgeons and patients, and for skin cleaning pre- and post-operation. It first showed promise in preventing the growth of cancer cells and slowing tumors after thoracic and abdominal surgeries.

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