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Exercise and Mesothelioma

Exercise and Mesothelioma

Healthy enjoyable exercise (as well as good nutrition) is essential for any healthy lifestyle. Both allow you to take charge of your health and improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Getting Started
If you know or suspect that you have been exposed to mesothelioma, inform your doctor immediately. At the same time, talk to your doctor about your fitness and exercise goals. Then choose an exercise plan to fit your lifestyle. Consider the following:

  • Is the exercise comfortable and gentle on your body?
  • Is the activity easily accessible?
  • Do you enjoy it?
  • Is there variety?
  • Do you feel more energy and vitality afterwards?

If you feel pain or discomfort with your routine, discontinue the activity until you talk to your doctor.

Boost Your Immune System
Cardiovascular exercise boosts your immune system, increases your energy, and improves your emotional outlook. Some studies show cardiovascular exercise decreases the lung patient’s need for oxygen. Try aerobic fitness, dance, or bicycling, and check with local health clubs and hospitals for specialized programs in your community.

Additional Support for Your Body
As a mesothelioma survivor, you are bound to have good days and bad. If you are not feeling well, honor your body’s need to rest. Stretching, relaxation, and meditation are beneficial alternatives.

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