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Hairdressers and Asbestos

Hairdressers and Asbestos

When you think of asbestos exposure, and those most affected by the inhalation of these dangerous fibers, you probably think of factor workers such as metalworkers or those in the construction industry. However, there is a large group of workers that many people rarely consider when looking at exposure to asbestos: hairdressers.

Until the late 1970s, asbestos was regularly used as an insulator in both hand-held and hood-type hair dryers. Hairdryer manufacturers voluntarily stopped using asbestos, but it has never been officially banned, despite an official report from the United States Consumer Protection Commission (USCPS) in 1979 confirming that it had received an independent study showing that asbestos fibers emitted from hair dryers posted a significant health risk.

Mesothelioma, like other asbestos-related diseases, has a latency period of 20 to 40 years, so many unsuspecting victims may not even know they have the disease. The first symptom is shortness of breath during exertion. Since this is not an uncommon problem, many people don’t even seek medical attention when it first happens. As the mesothelioma worsens, so does the shortness of breath.

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