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How dangerous is removing asbestos?

How dangerous is removing asbestos?

As a homeowner or business owner, you may be inclined to save money by taking on improvement projects yourself. However, in certain situations, like dealing with asbestos removal, you will want to consult a professional. DIY asbestos removal is dangerous and incredibly discouraged. You risk exposing yourself and others around you to the dangerous effects of exposure. Asbestos particles are virtually undetectable except under a microscope, especially when airborne. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly cautions against asbestos exposure and encourages disposal of any item suspected to have come into contact with asbestos material.  

What is Asbestos?

There is a set of six types of naturally-occurring minerals that are considered asbestos. Synthetic, or man-made asbestos is widely-used because of its strength and resistance to heat. Although asbestos was banned from most materials in the 1970s, some material may still contain it.

Dangers of Removing Asbestos Yourself

Inhaling asbestos particles is an extreme health hazard and contact with the material should be completely avoided. Do not attempt to remove asbestos yourself, as you could contract serious health problems. Trained professionals should be hired to handle, remove, and dispose of  asbestos material with appropriate equipment and protective clothing. Proper removal entails a particular approach and waste disposal process. Professionals in asbestos abatement services will know how to remove the asbestos material with minimal particle disturbance.

Negative Impacts of Asbestos

Asbestos is linked to respiratory diseases including mesothelioma and and asbestosis. Usually symptoms don’t present right away after exposure, they take time to develop. It is important to contact a physician immediately if you suspect exposure to asbestos. Then you can measure the extent of exposure and the impact on your health. If the material is intact and hasn’t been touched, then you may not be concerned. Risk of exposure increases as soon as the asbestos material is broken and fibers become airborne .

What To Do If You Come Into Contact With Asbestos

Do not attempt to confirm that a substance is asbestos by touching it because this may release harmful fibers into the air. Contact a professional asbestos contractor Los Angeles, CA residents rely on immediately so they can identify and remove the substance. We offer quick response and safe testing services and are capable of removing the material once it has been identified. Contact us today if you suspect asbestos in your home or business and minimize the risk of exposure to asbestos of those around you.



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