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As Many as 7 Million Children Exposed to Asbestos At School

As Many as 7 Million Children Exposed to Asbestos At School

In a study ran by a leading mesothelioma law firm in England, Stephensons, information has been compiled from Freedom of Information requests to show that as many as 7 million school children in England may be exposed to asbestos every day at school.

The “Map of Shame” as its being called shows the quantity of children in each area around London, with London being the worst. The Freedom of Information statistics provided show that 86% of schools in the UK contain asbestos.


The campaign wishes for all schools to be audited and is echoed by the largest teachers’ union in the UK, the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The British government is claiming that asbestos exposure could only occur if the asbestos is disturbed, so they believe an audit or removal is out of the question. However, studies have shown that even the simplest of irritation to the ceiling or walls with asbestos can release the harmful compound into the air.

When inhaled, asbestos is dangerous due to the fact that it causes mesothelioma, a terminal form of cancer. Mesothelioma can take 30-40 years to show any symptoms, so there would be no way to test now if these millions of children are being exposed to the harmful compound every single day they attend the classroom.

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