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Mesothelioma Attorney Washington, DC

Mesothelioma Attorney Washington, DC

Why Asbestos Cases Are Difficult to Prosecute

Mesothelioma Attorney Washington, DC

If you have been exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with a related illness, you may want to contact a mesothelioma attorney Washington, DC residents recommend to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit or personal injury claim. At Brown, & Kiely LLP, we have been assisting asbestos-related illness victims and other personal injury cases for 20 years.

A mesothelioma attorney Washington, DC victims trust know, however, that asbestos cases can be complex and difficult to prosecute. It is advised to work with an asbestos law firm if you decide to take legal action, because they have experience handling these cases and know what to. The following are some reasons asbestos cases are so complex.

Latency Period

There is generally a long latency period from the time of the asbestos exposure to the to the development of a related disease, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma or other cancers and lung illnesses. In most cases, this period ranges from 25 to 30 years which can make it difficult to accurately prove a case.

Generally, you will need to provide historic facts as evidence to prove your case. This can include locating witnesses, documentation, and other evidence of asbestos from decades prior. An experienced Washington DC mesothelioma attorney will take the necessary steps to obtain historical information relating to your situation including proof of jobsite exposure and determining other past employees who received similar exposure and illnesses.

Liability Protection

Over the past few decades, many companies which manufactured products and materials containing asbestos have filed for bankruptcy protection from these types of lawsuits. Consequently, bankruptcy trusts have been created for many of these companies. Navigating bankruptcy trusts can be extremely complex and requires the legal expertise of a mesothelioma attorney Washington, DC locals call.

In addition, such bankruptcies will further complicate lawsuits against other companies sharing liability for the injuries because they will likely aim to pin blame on the bankrupt company. Fortunately, an asbestos firm will have attorneys who are trained in navigating and prosecuting claims through a trust.

Strong Legal Defenses

Legal defenses for asbestos manufacturers and distributors have grown more prevalent and experienced over the last few years. You must then have a well-prepared case to counter them. An asbestos law firm can recognize the defenses in advance and help you with the necessary preparations. This will likely require you becoming very familiar with all parts of the case, including motions filed by defendants and related legal issues, which may involve extensive legal briefings.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are required in asbestos cases to provide knowledge and necessary information to prove your case and link asbestos exposure to the development of the related disease. An experienced law firm will hire the assistance of certain experts depending on the nature of the case. Some of the necessary fields of expertise may include that of asbestos and asbestos hazards, pathology, pulmonology, occupational disease, molecular biology, industrial hygiene and economic loss. Your case may require just one or multiple expert witnesses depending on what must be proven and how certain expertise can be utilized in your case.

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