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Mesothelioma Attorneys Washington, DC

Mesothelioma Attorneys Washington, DC

Mesothelioma Attorneys Washington, DCIf you have recently been diagnosed with an illness related to asbestos exposure, contact one of the skilled mesothelioma attorneys Washington, DC workers trust from Brown Kiely, LLP. Our mesothelioma attorneys in Washington, DC understand how devastating this type of diagnosis can be to a client and will work diligently for you and your family to obtain the best outcome possible for your situation.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a type of mineral fiber that was used in many products and materials because of its resistance to chemical, electrical, and heat damage. For almost a century, asbestos was used in all kinds of products, especially building materials such as floor tiles, insulation, roofing shingles, and coating materials. It wasn’t until 1989 that the government banned asbestos in many industrial products; however, there are still some products where the government allows asbestos to be used.

Seasoned mesothelioma attorneys Washington, DC workers recommend know that the danger with asbestos is that the tiny particles easily come apart. The particles then become airborne and are often inhaled. Because of how easily the particles travel through the air, not only are people who work around asbestos susceptible to inhaling them, they can even be inhaled off of the skin, hair, clothing, and tools of someone who was exposed to it.

Once inhaled, these particles can become lodged in a victim’s lungs, often resulting in the victim developing mesothelioma, lung cancer, or other asbestos-related conditions. Tragically, it can take anywhere from 10 to 60 years for these diseases to develop and usually by the time symptoms begin to appear, it is already too late for the victim. There is no cure for mesothelioma.

What Manufacturers Knew

Although the asbestos ban wasn’t put into place until 1989, companies who manufactured and dealt with asbestos knew almost from the beginning how deadly asbestos was to humans. However, they continued using it despite knowing that asbestos exposure can cause cancer and some people would die. They also knew that this exposure could affect the family members of workers when the worker arrived home after working around asbestos all day.

Each year, more and more victims are diagnosed with this fatal disease. The U.S. government estimates that there will be between 270,000 and 330,000 asbestos-related deaths over the next three decades.

These companies chose to put profit over people’s lives and this is why mesothelioma attorneys Washington, DC clients recommend work so hard to get victims and their families the maximum compensation to which they are owed.

Contact the Mesothelioma Attorneys Washington, DC Victims Trust

There are many Washington, DC mesothelioma attorneys to choose from, however, you need a legal team that will fight hard for you. Our Brown Kiely, LLP legal team aggressively advocates for mesothelioma victims. We have built a reputation of standing up to corporations and insurance companies to ensure our clients and their families receive the financial damages they deserve.

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