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Caring for Mesothelioma in Washington D.C.

Caring for Mesothelioma in Washington D.C.

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Providing care for a family member with mesothelioma can be one of the most challenging events of your lifetime. It takes a great strength-physically, emotionally and financially-to cope with this situation.

A number of good options exist when caring for a patient with mesothelioma. Several factors will determine the choice that is right for you both. These include:

  • The condition of your loved one’s health
  • His or her needs and desires
  • Your own needs
  • Financial ability
  • Location (although this is likely to change as your loved one’s condition changes)

The following places are where care for mesothelioma patients normally takes place:

  • Home-many people prefer to spend their final days surrounded by loved ones, in the comfort of their homes. Your or your loved one’s house may be a suitable option for the duration of his or her care. Or it may only be feasible for a portion of that time, such as the early stages. But no matter where the care is transferred to, your loved one can always opt to spend their final days at home with friends and family. At-home care and visiting nurses are widely available.
  • Hospital-while this option is less favored, being cared for in a hospital has the benefit that doctors, nurses, and emergency equipment are always available. Family members are often allowed to participate in care giving for a mesothelioma patient during their hospital stay.
  • Nursing home-nursing homes provide constant medical care. If you are unable to provide care around the clock, a nursing home may be the right option for you. Some mesothelioma patients prefer to use the services of a nursing home in order to take the burden of care from their family members.
  • Hospice care-this can be provided in a number of settings; at home, in a nursing home, at a family member’s home, or at a hospice center. Hospice centers seek to provide comfort and loving care for those who are fatally ill. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, compared to that of a hospital setting.

If you are caring for a family member suffering from mesothelioma and realize that you can no longer care for that person, do not feel guilty. This is the time to consider hospice. From here, you can offer emotional support and provide love and kindness during their final days. With hospice care, your loved one can meet his or her death with dignity and peace.

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