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Exercise and Mesothelioma

Healthy enjoyable exercise (as well as good nutrition) is essential for any healthy lifestyle. Both allow you to take charge of your health and improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Getting Started If you know or suspect that...

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Asbestos-containing products

The following is a sample list of some materials that may contain asbestos. This list, compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency, does not include every product or material in which asbestos has been found. It is merely a general guide to...

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Hospice vs. In-Home Care

If you are caring for someone with malignant mesothelioma, you may eventually find that you are no longer able to provide the constant care that person needs. If your loved one wishes to stay in his or her own home during treatment, then hospice...

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How can asbestos enter my body?

Asbestos fibers do not evaporate into air or dissolve in water. They can enter the air and water when natural deposits weather and manufactured products, like brake pads, begin wearing down. The small fibers can stay suspended in the air for a...

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Compensation from the Asbestos Industry

Those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma probably worked in construction trades or at industrial sites like shipyards, power plants, paper mills, refineries and manufacturing plants. During World War II a number of Navy sailors were exposed to...

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Is Mesothelioma painful?

Malignant mesothelioma is a cancer of the abdominal cavity or chest lining. The disease is seldom cured through surgery and is poorly responsive to chemotherapy. Therefore, mesothelioma treatment focuses mainly on managing the symptoms. Studies...

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