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Protecting Yourself from Asbestos

Protecting Yourself from Asbestos

If you have identified asbestos in the construction of your home, it is often best to leave the material alone. As long as asbestos-containing materials are not disturbed, the fibers will not become airborne and should be relatively safe. If you need to renovate your home or have asbestos removed, contact an asbestos professional.

If you work at an asbestos job site, protect yourself against asbestos exposure by using safety equipment provided by your employer. Protective clothing and masks prevent the inhalation of asbestos fibers, and you can remove the protective clothing before going home so that family members are not exposed to asbestos.

Employers are required to take certain precautions against exposing employees to asbestos, including providing equipment, clothing and training to protect you. If you work in an industry that has a high risk of asbestos exposure and have not been provided with safety equipment, you should contact an asbestos lawyer. Diseases like mesothelioma can be caused by an employer or landlord’s negligence.

If you have become ill after being exposed to asbestos in the workplace or at home, please contact the experienced Maryland lawyer at The Law Office of Brown| Kiely, LLP to schedule a consultation.