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Taconite and Mesothelioma: An Ongoing Mystery

Taconite and Mesothelioma: An Ongoing Mystery

According to medical and occupational health experts, pleural mesothelioma has only one cause: asbestos exposure. Now, though, questions have arisen as to whether another fibrous mineral may also cause mesothelioma. Taconite, a fibrous form of iron that is mined in Minnesota and processed into pellets for use in steel production, has been linked to an unusually high rate of mesothelioma in the Iron Range region along the border between Minnesota and Canada.

In a study completed in 2003, 14 of 17 taconite miners diagnosed with mesothelioma had been exposed to asbestos as well, but the study had been cut short by Minnesota state budget cuts in 2002, and since the end of this initial study dozens more miners have been diagnosed with the illness, and it’s unknown what their exposure might have been.

However, a new study has been ongoing for several years and results may be released as early as 2012, is exploring the link in detail. Armed with detailed surveys of dust exposure among workers in the region as well as interviews with diagnosed victims and their spouses, the researchers have essentially finished collecting data and hope to be able to complete their study in the next five years, with data being released as soon as it is analyzed. The results should include a risk statement for people who working in taconite mining as well as their spouses.

The good news is that current taconite mining operations seem to be doing an adequate job in controlling dust in ongoing mining operations, which should limit future risk of all types of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

If you have suffered mesothelioma, your lawsuit can help spread awareness of this deadly disease. Compensation from the lawsuit can also pay for expensive treatments and ensure your family will be taken care of no matter what the consequences of your illness.

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