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Woman that Lost Her Husband to Asbestos Awarded Over $1.4 Million

Woman that Lost Her Husband to Asbestos Awarded Over $1.4 Million

A jury in New York has recently awarded $1.42 million to Janet Voelker, a widow that lost her husband to mesothelioma. The lawsuit was against John Crane, Inc., claiming that William Voelker, Mrs. Voelker’s husband, was negligently exposed to asbestos by John Crane, Inc.’s products.

The Voelker’s sued more than 50 companies for the exposure to asbestos that Mr. Voelker suffered. Once Mr. Voelker tragically passed away just a short four months after being diagnosed, the charges changed from negligent exposure to include wrongful death charges as well.

The jury determined that Mr. Voelker was negligently exposed to asbestos-containing products, including asbestos gaskets and packing materials, during his work on boilers for the United States Navy between 1967 and 1971.

John Crane, Inc. claims they were not negligent with their products, however, the jury ruled against them.

In the early 1930s, it was found that asbestos could cause harmful effects to those exposed to it, however, many asbestos companies chose to ignore these warnings and continued to produce harmful products or expose their employees to the dangerous compound. In this case, it appears that John Crane, Inc. didn’t produce products that were safe for exposure.

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