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Asbestos Exposure in Maryland

Asbestos Exposure in Maryland

The state of Maryland has over 20 naturally-occurring asbestos deposits, including four specific areas that have been mined in the past. With its border along the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland is also home to several shipyards with known problems associated with asbestos exposure.


Baltimore, Maryland was a booming shipyard and steel mill city both during and after World War II. Residents often worked for chemical plants, construction companies, and power plants in blue-collar jobs that put them at high risk for asbestos exposure and later development of mesothelioma.


Maryland lawmakers have created an inactive docket for asbestos cases where plaintiffs have filed a claim without enough evidence. However, this docket helps streamline the process so valid cases with sufficient evidence move through the court system. This is yet another reason why it is so important to hire an experienced Baltimore asbestos attorney. You want to make sure your case is thoroughly investigated, and the evidence for your disease is presented completely and correctly in order to help your claim get the attention it deserves.



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