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Asbestos in Use Today

Asbestos in Use Today

Over half the Maryland deaths from asbestos related diseases between 1979 and 1999 occurred in Baltimore County and Baltimore City County. High-risk asbestos exposure in these counties is a known risk in many different industries that used asbestos extensively.

Ship construction is one industry that used significant amounts of asbestos to wrap pipes and insulate walls. Both construction workers and sailors were exposed to the fibers that had become airborne within the ships.

Construction industry professionals are at the highest risk of exposure today. Homes and buildings constructed prior to the mid-1980s used extensive amounts of asbestos containing materials for insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, wallboard, paint, counter tops, and some adhesives. Workers who renovate these older buildings are at significant risk of exposure.

The average consumer can become exposed to deteriorating asbestos insulation from using products that contained asbestos insulation and were made prior to the 1980s. The list is lengthy, but includes such common items as toasters, oven mitts, hair dryers, and rope.

If you live near or work in a power plant, the construction industry, or ship building areas and have an asbestos-related disease please contact the experienced asbestos lawyers serving Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Brown | Kiely, LLP to find out if you may be entitled to compensation.