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How to Care for a Family Member with Mesothelioma

How to Care for a Family Member with Mesothelioma

Caring for a loved one who is suffering from mesothelioma is an emotionally, financially and physically demanding task. While keeping the person at home is typically the desired arrangement, the loved ones providing the attention may not be able to handle the demands of properly caring for the patient. It is important to realize that there are other options available to help make a mesothelioma patient’s life more comfortable.

Other options for care

• Hospice care at home or in a hospice center
• Hospital setting
• Nursing home setting

There are ways that caregivers can help improve the mesothelioma patient’s quality of life while also maintaining their own sanity and not losing focus of themselves. As a caregiver, it is important to:

• Solicit and accept help from others, including healthcare professionals, other family members and friends.
• Discuss options for care openly with the patient.
• Keep healthy nutrition a priority for the patient and yourself.
• Take care of your own physical and emotional needs.
• Help the patients settle unfinished issues that may help to bring peace.
• Join a support group.
• Participate regularly in a stress-reducing activity.

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