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Hospice vs. In-Home Care

Hospice vs. In-Home Care

If you are caring for someone with malignant mesothelioma, you may eventually find that you are no longer able to provide the constant care that person needs. If your loved one wishes to stay in his or her own home during treatment, then hospice might be a viable option.

Hospice care is for people who know their disease is terminal, and are no longer seeking a cure, but hope to make the best of their final days. Hospice care seeks to manage pain and other symptoms while addressing a patient’s social, emotional and spiritual needs. The hospice philosophy allows patients to remain at home and close to family and friends, but stay under a team-oriented group of medical professionals.

The hospice team works with the patient and his or her family to develop a personalized care plan, while improving their quality of life.

While hospice programs only treat the symptoms of the disease, in-home care provides services and treatment that aggressively targets the cancer. Members of the health care team visit the patient at their home, and can provide treatment, pain medication, physical therapy and other medical care procedures.

The in-home care team has access to medical equipment, and can also help the caregiver with errands, prepare meals, or assist with personal hygiene. The primary care physician monitors his patient through members of the team is reachable via phone and through office visits.

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