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Pleural Plaques

Pleural Plaques

One of the indicators of asbestos exposure is the presence of pleural plaques on x-ray or CT scan. Pleural plaques are calcifications located in the pleural lining, the outer lining that covers the inner chest wall. Though pleural plaques are not cancerous, they are almost always caused by exposure to asbestos fibers and evidence of asbestos exposure.

Plaques by themselves are not considered pre-cancerous, but smokers who have pleural plaques have a greatly increased risk of developing lung cancer. Pleural thickening can accompany pleural plaques but can also be due to many other causes.

The presence of pleural plaques should act as a warning to avoid further exposure to asbestos. If you work with asbestos check to be sure your employer has implemented effective asbestos safety precautions.

If you are not exposed to asbestos at work, have your home inspected, and do not try to do any home renovations until you are certain that the paint, wallboard, flooring, counter materials or other structures do not contain asbestos. Hire a professional to remove any materials that contain asbestos.

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