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How Will the Illness Affect Family and Friends?

How Will the Illness Affect Family and Friends?

Everyone involved with a patient who has an asbestos-related illness will be affected by their loved one’s disease. But, because everyone is unique, no two people will respond exactly the same. The sooner you find resources for information, help and support the easier it will be for everyone to get the support they need. Brown | Kiely, LLP, LLC lists several asbestos information resources on their website.

Some of the more common experiences begin with shock and disbelief upon learning of the disease. Other responses are based on not knowing how to relate to the patient or what to do to help.

One person is facing the end of their life with an uncertain timeline, and the rest are facing the loss of a loved one. All must deal with a complete change in their lives, beginning immediately, and lasting forever. Sadly, some will distance themselves from the patient and family. This is surely an unfortunate and disappointing loss of companionship, but it may be best not to have reluctant people involved in your lives at this time.

Most people know little about asbestos-caused diseases. While some will immediately do some research, few will know many facts. They might be willing to help, but not knowing exactly the best ways to help, can create more problems than they solve. It’s wise to get these people together, share information, and involve them in an organized plan so that each can make a useful contribution. In this way, each can feel that they are doing something constructive, less helpless, and that they have some control over some part of the outcome.

Coping with cancer is difficult and often unpredictable. There will be a tremendous amount of stress that will affect everyone, and those caring for the patient will need as much support as the patient will. Emotions can range from denial, to anger, grief, fear, uncertainty, confusion, depression, hopelessness, hope…basically the full spectrum of what people can feel when their lives are turned upside down. Some well-meaning people might discount your emotions, or pressure you to respond as they expect you to. Don’t let their view affect you, as your feelings are yours and will not follow any defined routine.

If your life has been destroyed by one of these diseases, you will need legal help in addition to other forms of support. For a free evaluation of your case, please contact Brown | Kiely, LLP, serving clients in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.