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Baltimore Mesothelioma Lawyer

Common Asbestos Exposure Sites

At one time asbestos was heralded as a miracle substance. Asbestos is an economical, lightweight mineral that is heat, water and acid resistant; non-flammable; does not conduct electricity and is impervious to pests. Unfortunately, these same...

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Mesothelioma Misconceptions

There are a variety of myths surrounding mesothelioma. One of the most common misconceptions is that only people who work directly with asbestos for long periods of time can develop the disease. The truth is that everyone is exposed to asbestos...

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Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that does not discriminate. Virtually anyone can become exposed to harmful asbestos particles that they inadvertently inhale or swallow. How much asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma? It is true that there...

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Survivors and Fighters

Mesothelioma is often referred to as an incurable cancer. This is true because a cure has not been found. But, what is misleading are statistics supporting a life expectancy of six to twelve months after diagnosis. The reason this is misleading...

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Asbestos Usage in the United States

Most of the focus on asbestos exposure and usage is on workers exposed through mining, manufacturing, and other occupations. Yet, many people are continuously exposed to asbestos through normal daily activities. Asbestos is found in many water...

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Adjuvant Therapy

Adjuvant therapy is therapy for mesothelioma is applied in addition to the primary therapy, surgery. Its purpose is to eliminate any remaining microscopic disease. It is part of a curative approach to treatment, as compared to palliative (which...

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